Existence in Progress - I sacrificed real life on the altar of my altered state.

And if rain brings winds of change let it rain on us forever...

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Circle School - Harrisburg PA
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I was born in Atlanta, moved to Pennsylvania with my parents at eight, and have spent the last 18 years here.. Scary! I've traveled a lot since I got out of school, and of all the places I've been, Seattle is closest to my heart. I have a lot of great friends there, and I've convinced a few more to move there, too! I finally moved in March of '09!

I read like a fiend, LOVE my music (13k mp3s and counting!), watch movies of all kinds, game, and generally do geeky things. when I drink, it tends to be microbrews, and occasionally liquor. very rarely do I drink to excess.

credit to The Plastic Girl for my goth girl icon and radak for the Londo icon; the rest, I don't know/don't care who I stole them from, or made them myself. :P

"What did the sage mean?
What had the sage seen?
Musical elation is my only consolation -- Oh yeah" -- R. Fripp 1979